[Fedora 17] Disable Automatic Bug Reporting Tool (ABRT)


I’ve been having problems recently with my Fedora 17 box, whereby the hard drive activity would increase after some period of time. It seems that every time I am using Google Talk, the laptop suddenly slows down due to the excessive hard drive activity and the only way to do this is to restart the entire laptop. But after a while, it starts to slow down again.

Thus, after some time experiencing this problem, my only presumption to what’s causing this could be Fedora’s Automatic Bug Reporting Tool (ABRT).

What this tool does is whenever a problem occurs, Fedora would actually logged this crash and possible causes, and allows the user to send this report to Fedora’s development team. This allows non-technical users to easily submit reports of crashes without the hassle of logging bug reports in Red Hat’s bug tracker.

The problem I see in this tool is “What if the crash logged was something to do with memory-related crashes?” or “What if I didn’t submit previous crashes, and ABRT keeps a history of old reports with large stack traces?“. And with that thought in mind, I realised that the potential problem of my increasing hard drive activity was solely because of this tool, and what it does in the background.

Thus, I ran the following commands in the terminal to shut it down and removed it from startup (so that it doesn’t load any more every time I start my laptop up):

  1. Switch to root user:
    sudo su -
  2. Stop the ABRT service first:
    systemctl stop abrtd.service
  3. Remove the service from startup:
    systemctl disable abrtd.service

So, what happens after I did the above and restarted my laptop? Presto! The laptop no longer lags down, and everything is running as it should be.

UPDATE: updated commands as per randomuser’s suggestion. Thanks!

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