How to Create a Tasker Night Mode Profile

tasker night mode

Tasker is a great application to create “tasks” so that you can sort of automate your phone to let it do what you tell it to do. There are many examples of profiles that you can follow from the official Tasker wiki; but what if you are planning to create one yourself? What if you would like to create tasks that really suit your needs?

Well, you could! For some, Tasker is a bit complex to use in the beginning. But once you got around to knowing what certain terms mean (such as profiles, tasks, scenes etc), you’ll soon be creating profiles on your own! Heck, you can even build a game using Tasker!

I too have been playing around with Tasker a bit, and I’ve created a few profiles for my phone in order for it to automate itself. I’ll be sharing some of them here as you read this.

Oh yea. Tasker works out of the box for your phone, but it functions even better when your phone has been rooted. Most of the actions Tasker could perform requires root access, and also, there are a lot of reasons to root your phone too!

First off, a Tasker Night Mode profile!

Tasker Night Mode Profile

So, when you sleep at night, do you wish NOT to be awaken by your phone ringing in the background? Or getting a buzz whenever you have a new email at 3am in the morning? I feel the same way too. We all need our beauty sleep, but when you have your Android around, it’ll keep on notifying you of updates, phone calls and SMSes.

What do I do? I create a profile in Tasker to have some sort of night mode effect, whereby the phone would silent down at a certain time (normally when I sleep) and then turns itself up again when I’m awake.

This is how I set up my Tasker profile for Night Mode:

  1. In the Profiles screen, click on the “+” symbol.
  2. Type in a new name for this profile. For this tutorial, we’ll call it Night Mode.
  3. The next menu that pops out is the first context menu. This is where you set the primary condition that needs to be met so that Tasker can perform the task(s) set for it. Choose Time.
    tasker night mode
  4. Now, set a rough time estimate of when you’ll be going to sleep and waking up. Normally, I’ll sleep at around 12.30am and wake up at 6.30am, so I’ll set the From time to 12.30am, and the To time to 6.30am.
  5. Once you have set the time, click on the Tasker icon at the top left to go back to the previous screen. Automatically, Tasker will pop up another menu; this time, you should set a Task for this profile.
  6. Create a new Task (call it Night Mode).
  7. Now, you’re in the Task Edit screen. Here is where you list down the mini-tasks that Tasker will run when the profile starts. Just choose the “+” icon, and select Audio, and then Ringer Volume.
  8. Once you have done the previous step, a new screen appears. Here is where you set the volume of your ringtone. Put it to 0.
  9. Choose the Tasker icon again to go back to that Task Edit screen. Now you can see the Ringer Volume is set to Level 0. This means that whenever your clock strikes 12.30am, the ringer volume will be silence.
    tasker night mode
  10. Choose the Tasker icon again to go back to the Profiles screen. Now, let’s add an Exit Task. An Exit Task means that whenever a certain profile has been unset, Tasker would perform a set of tasks too. Hold the Night Mode On task, and choose Add Exit Task.
  11. Put a name for this Exit Task (maybe call it Day Mode).
  12. Perform the same steps 7-9 again; this time set the ringing level to 6.
    tasker night mode
  13. That’s it! You’ve created your first Tasker profile!
    tasker night mode

Final Word

As you can notice from the last screenshot, I’ve created many more profiles for my phone. I’ll explain them in the next upcoming posts. In the meantime, explore Tasker and  create more profiles of your own to your liking! Happy Tasker-ing!

p/s: what Tasker tasks have you created recently?

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