Copy & Paste Functionality in Eclipse Juno SR1

Recently, I just downloaded Eclipse Juno for Java development. The user interface looks cleaner and nicer compared to the older version and other previous versions. As the version is being released not long ago, so, it means there is a possibility that there are some bugs haven’t fixed or yet to be discovered.



One of the annoying bugs is the copy and paste feature in Eclipse Juno. So, I’m trying to copy a specific line of code and paste it on another line. With the shortcut key in Mac OS X, Command key + C should be able to copy the code and Command key + V is to paste the code on another line. Unfortunately, the copy and paste functionality doesn’t work well in Eclipse Juno. Either it ends up pasting a blank line or it turns out like this:

Original code

<c:forEach var="row" items="${result.rows}">


Pasted code

<c:forEach var="row" items="${result.rows}">



In order to get back the copy and paste functionality in Eclipse Juno, here are the steps to fix the problem:

  1. Access to the Eclipse > Preferences
  2. On the menu sidebar which appears on the left panel, access to the General > Keys
  3. Search for the ‘Copy’ and ‘Paste’ command
  4. Remove the Binding key and click the ‘Apply’ button.


Try to copy and paste the same code and it works fine now :)

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  1. I was struggling not able to copy/paste in visual swing classes .Tried this and it worked. I can already copy /paste . Thanks very much for sharing this tip.

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