A Blessing Demo Day

Finally the day has come and I bet I will have a better sleep tonight after feeling worry for the demo since last week. I just feel relieved that the demo day has passed and it was much better than I thought before this. I just want to say thanks to God for everything. The justice is there. Since last week, I feel worry that I might fail in a web programming subject, I feel depressed with what happened between me and my team member and I feel unsure how to face my team member today because I really don’t wish to see him again after all the messes that he had done last week. It was really a devastating day for me, as I mentioned in my previous post.

So, today is the demo day. Things are not as bad as I thought. My team member asked me whether I had finished the web service and I said yes but it’s just I’m not sure whether they will accept the way of doing it. Then, he told me that he tried the web service as well and he showed it to me. I just nodded because I don’t know how I should react with his explanations. Then, he said he’s not sure how was my web service but if his part is better or if my part will get one or two marks lesser, I can just take his part for the demo. At the current stage, my mind is really tired with this assignment and also him. I need to spend unexpected additional time for it just because of him. It affects the time that I had planned for other subjects. I understand that every student wishes to obtain as many marks as they can but not to the extent to take unnecessary risks. If you weigh between copying or importing his codes which probably ends up not working due to the environment setup and a working code but not a perfect one, I feel the second one has the lesser risk. I definitely not going to risk my part at the last minute just because of 1 or 2 marks. Because of his over concerned with one or two marks during assignment submission, I have to restructure my part which is working and in the end, I have to submit late. I lose six marks due to the late submission and furthermore, it will mark separately and there’s no connection with his codes. It means the loss should not happen at the beginning. No matter what happens, I still prefer my own codes because that is my own effort. I don’t care even if his code is working perfectly.

When he told me that “If my part is better, I don’t know or maybe if your part will get lesser mark…..”, the first question that comes to my mind is how can you be so sure that my part will get lesser marks than yours? I told him so many times that my part is working but it’s just different methods of doing it and because it didn’t call the EJB part or his codes, he keeps saying that my part is not working. I just keep quiet because I’m tired of saying the same thing so many times. No matter what I say, from his point of view, my code will never work or I will never get my part working for the rest of my life.

We talked a bit when waiting for our turn but what I wish is the tutor will mark my assignment so I can leave this room as soon as possible because I don’t want to see him again. Even though he told me about the topics for the exam, harshly to say, I don’t appreciate it at all. Sometimes, if there’s a crack exists between two persons, it’s hard to save back the situation and try to act like nothing happens. I really don’t know how he feels or what’s on his mind. I’m not sure whether he feels guilty about the database changes and giving me his codes few days before the submission or maybe he will never realise the problem and the impact of his actions.

Then, my lecturer came from another room and told me that the work will be marked individually. He will take the effort into account and try to scale the marks. He tried to explain to me about the marking but for me, the first two statements already enough for me. I trust him and to be honest, I feel bad for causing such a complicated situation and our group being categorised as special case. I’m not sure whether the lecturer really feel bad for me but I do appreciate that he tried to help me after what I told him in the email last week.

So, my team member will be doing the demo first. I don’t really have to pay attention into it since our marking will be reviewed separately. Since they are just beside me, I heard part of the conversations. It sounded good at the beginning but after a while, I heard the tutor said he shouldn’t put the entire codes into EJB and he also shouldn’t do something in servlet. Then, he was being questioned with transaction and he tried to explain about it. I’m not sure whether he really use transactions in his codes but the tutor needs to ask the lecturer about that part and the lecturer told the tutor “they have to demonstrate their understanding and et cetera”. The lecturer came and asked us for the documentation because in the assignment specification, if the transaction is being used in the assignment, you have to justify that part in the documentation. Since the documentation is my part and I was too busy to finish my part, I don’t have time to check his codes for the existence of transaction, so, this definitely will not appear in the documentation. My team member gave some excuses about it and the lecturer said “Ok. Let’s try it here. Explain to me how your application works and everything”. I didn’t pay attention to what he said but what I heard from my lecturer after that was “That is not true”.

While I was reviewing my codes, it reminds me of what happened last week and I didn’t feel pity with what he’s experiencing at that time. What happened last week was when I was struggling and trying to finish the web service last Thursday, he emailed me and asked me to copy part of the documentations into his ‘About’ page, creates the EAR file and finish the remaining work. He doesn’t want to care about it anymore. Hey! Com’on. That web page is his part and it won’t take too much of time for him to copy a few diagrams into the page and furthermore, he has finished his part. Why he can’t just lend a hand on this 5% work but expecting me to do it when I’m so busy to get my part done? I’m not surprised when he got the understanding wrong. Even though he able to finish his part, I don’t feel he’s a technical person and he follows the books, lecture notes, and lab exercises, every single step. I feel he just keeps trying to get it done but he seems doesn’t really understand the architecture.

Then, I also heard the tutor mentioned something about MySQL InnoDB Storage Engine. It seems MySQL is more suitable in a particular situation but I’m not too sure about it. What came to my mind was “He wants to use Oracle. What we can say?”. Regarding to the database changes, you can’t believe that he changed to a different database just because Oracle allows him to auto-generate id number in alpha numeric or auto increment the id number. I’m not sure which one but I really don’t get it. I never heard such nonsense of changing database because for that and if he asks me about it, we definitely can work something out in MySQL because I’m quite familiar with MySQL and more compared to Oracle.

When it comes to my part, even though my web service doesn’t work perfectly but it’s still considered as a functioning part. LOL! Feel bad for the tutor when he laughed and said “Oh no! You are making my life hard” because he doesn’t know how to give marks for that. It’s working but something not right there. He told me that since it is individual, it doesn’t matter if the web service is not touching EJB. Although I’m not sure whether I will get a better mark than my team member but based from the situation, I feel my part seems not as destructive as his part. Sometimes, I feel I probably get a better mark if I do the assignment alone from beginning until end even if it is an incomplete one. Also, I heard from other teams are struggling with the assignment and confused with the specification as well. Alright, it means I’m not the only one. There were a few doing individual work. I heard from other team that the tutor is really nice and didn’t deduct a lot of marks. I really appreciate his understanding. The assignment is quite heavy even if it is a group assignment because we need to handle multiple assignments at the same time.

After the demo, I feel relieved and just want to go home. Surprisingly, my team member still there. Not sure why though. He told me that he wants to ask the lecturer about the marks distribution. He said he’s not sure how was my web service but maybe we can share the marks since the web service using his EJB, maybe we or you can get the passing marks, and et cetera which I’m not interested to know. I’m not sure what is his purpose of doing that. I’m not sure whether he feels that my web services is not bad and he wants to something from it or his part really ends up in a destructive way or he wants to get as many marks as he can but I told him one thing. “My web service doesn’t use EJB”. No, my web service doesn’t need to depend on your EJB and even if I need one, I can create it by myself. It’s because you are screwing up the whole thing and I’m lacking of time, I have to develop a web service without EJB. Maybe he just don’t get the point or maybe he really believe me when I said I don’t want to affect his marks and that’s why, I asked for individual marking. Well, that is part of the reasons but my main reason is I don’t want to continue working with him. I still feel if he tries to listen to others and we work together, despite of our poor programming skills, we will get a very good mark in this assignment.

Anyway, I’m not sure how it goes with his request and I’m not interested to know. I just want to take back what belongs to me and I just want to prove that it wasn’t totally my fault for the entire thing. In the end, when I’m leaving the lab, I wish him good luck for the exam. Well, that is really a sincere one.

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