Bloodland – Alan Glynn

This story connects three different roles and several places. A private security contractor who loses his life in Congo, an ex-prime minister of Ireland struggles to bury a dark secret, and a suspicious injury which recently happens to a US senator who begins his presidential campaign. How these three stories are being connected and what connects them? Although it looks nothing unusual, a young journalist able to connect the dots when he investigates the death of a tabloid star. What is the hidden truth about this conspiracy?

The author did a great job to keep the story going but as some of the readers mentioned in their reviews on Goodreads, it was a bit boring and wish the story can speed up a little. The story is too long and the pace is slow. It was quite tiring for me when reading the book. Besides, I was a bit confused as it involves of too many characters and different places. This would make a better movie than a book and easier to be understood as well.



Cell 8 – Anders Roslund & Börge Hellström

John Meyer Frey was sentenced to death at 17 in Ohio, for the murder of his girlfriend which he didn’t commit. After ten years, he suddenly dies in his cell and no one suspected anything about it. Six years later, a singer on a cruise ship in Sweden is arrested for assault. Ewert Grens and his team are responsible for the case. The team is shocked with the real mystery hidden behind of the case when they found out that the man surpassingly no longer exists in the world. Why he didn’t die in the cell in Ohio six years ago? How he can extend his life for another six years? What will be the ending for John Meyer? How Ewert and his team handles the case?

This is the second book that I read which wrote by Swedish authors. The first one was from Stieg Larsson. I’m getting more interested to read more books from Swedish authors especially crime stories. Their stories are always unique and unexpected. I’m looking forward to read other books by Roslund-Hellstrom. The story has an unexpected ending which makes it even more fascinating. I will definitely recommend this book to others.


Zombies Ate My Muslim – Ted Mahsun

The book ‘Zombies Ate My Muslim’ is about a guy who wants to have a simple life with his girlfriend, Barbra Streisand. Unfortunately, his beloved girlfriend has converted to Muslim and this has caused the zombies to target on his girlfriend. Although I’m not sure why the zombies only devour on Muslims but I guess that’s one of the funniest parts of this story. Is he able to save his girlfriend from those zombies? How would he do it? You have to read the book to find the answer yourself.

This is really an amusing story and I wish to have more from the author. Honestly, I seldom read zombie books because the majority of these stories are of a serious nature or involve romance. I wish there are more zombie stories like this; which are hilarious and different than other horror books. I’m looking forward for more creative stories from Ted Mahsun.

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The Obelisk – Howard Gordon

The Obelisk tells a story of Gideon Davis, a peacemaker being assigned to the jungles of oil-rich Mohan by Earl Parker; to negotiate with his brother, Tillman. However, plans started to go awry when a multi-million dollar oil rig, the Obelisk, has been seized by terrorists and Tillman seems to be the one behind all of it. As  time is getting critical, Gideon has to risk his life not only to save his brother, but also the rig and the world.

I feel the story is more suitable and interesting if it is made into a movie or a computer game than a book. I’m not a fan of stories in politics and terrorism. Thus, this book is not one of my favourites. I feel some of the descriptions in the story are overly detailed and irrelevant. It would be easier to understand if can be expressed in a movie.

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Lost Angel – Mandasue Heller

This book is about the story of Johnny Conroy from the day he meets Ruth Hynes. Nobody dares to approach Frankie Hynes’ daughter except him and due to this reason, Ruth will never let him go no matter what happens. Ruth lies to her father in order to keep Johnny to her side. There is no way for Johnny to escape from it and this causes him to involve in their family business, which is stealing cars. The story proceed to the next stage where they have a daughter with the name Angel. Angel grows up and meets Johnny’s new employee Ryan. They love each other but it’s not as easy as they thought if they want to get together as there are more family secrets behind them which affects their relationship as well.

When the first time I read the synopsis on the back of this book, I feel it’s an unusual and interesting story. The plot really grips the reader and I was reluctant to stop reading it. I was really curious to know what will happen next when every time I read the book. However, I personally feel most of the characters in the story have a messy life and there are a lot of lies or hidden secrets among them. Anyway, it’s undeniable that the writer is very skilful and the readers are distracted from all those negativities just because of the interesting plot which really captures their curiosity to continuously reading the book.